Photos not appearing in form


I have an issue where images entered into a form will not appear in the form, and it appears as if they were not entered correctly. However, they do seem to be submitted correctly and appear in the form/detail views after saving the form.

This seems to only happen on Android apps, and works fine on iOS apps. Here’s a screenshot of the problem (can only add one image :frowning: )

Ref rows AFTER adding photo - appears as error symbol (however image seems to be submitted correctly)

Any help would be great!

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Here’s another screenshot of the individual photo column AFTER an image is entered - image never appears and just shows “clear”

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After syncing, the image will show up. This is to allow for the image to be rotated correctly.

This is correct, but I believe the correct behaviour is to show the image that was selected (as it does on iOS and desktop). As a result of it not showing, a customer of mine thinks the app isn’t working.

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I have observed the same problem. It was not there in previous versions. It’s something that has appeared in the last few months.

In any case I agree with @Cameron_Brown that a user would naturally expect an image that they had just attached to be right there where they attached it. Anything else would be naturally assumed to be a malfunction.

@EIG You seem to be saying that the current behaviour makes sense. Are you saying that there is no way to perform the proper rotation on the local device? I doubt that is true. In any case, that behaviour would be highly undesirable if the application was a field survey in a place that didn’t have network.


It’s a bug for sure, really surprised they’ve let it go on for so long. @Adam

We’re testing a fix now, unless any new issues show up I expect it will be released within a day or two.


Great, Thank you!