Photos SlideView from a GoogleDrive Folder

I have Different Folders in Google Drive containing many photos in JPG Format( numbers could be unknown, 20, 30, 45, 67 or etc.)
I want to show them in a view as a slideshow without adding into table as a records rows.?
However , we can save the URL link of each folder in the table./row.

Please help.

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I checked and change my field type as URL
here I can only save the folder address in google drive.

But my point was to show the content of the folder as a slide view / slide show in my APPSHEET App.
( because there and only JPG photos inside these folders).
sometimes these files are of 30/50/90 jpegs.
we don’t know the qty
because each customer upload their machinery photos in that specified folder.

How can I do that. Please help.