Picking up Data from Spreadsheet based on Calculations


I have a table “Measurement” to perform calculations for Curtain Rod in which I have a field for the users to add the measurement in Inches and in same table I am also calculating the Product cost in which I want the price to be picked up from spread sheet only for product whose size is matching the measurement input done by user. So I have created a field Size of Rod which is also connected to my spread sheet table using valid if condition. And if have written a formula something like below :

Select (Filter(Curtain Rod[Size of Curtain Rod],[Length of curtain rod (Inches)]/12))

Where in Curtain Rod is the name of table,Size of Curtain is field in curtain rod table which holds the sizes of curtain rod and then I have added a formula that pick up value from Spreadsheet which matched the calculation of length of the rod (this is user input field for measurement) in inches.

So in short if the user input is 36 inches then from spread sheet it should pick up value only of size of rod of 3 (36/12) and show only those product prices.

It would be great help if some guidance can be provided on how to achieve this? As I am getting an error that filter condition can only have a table

You are probably looking for something like…

Select (Curtain Rod[Size of Curtain Rod],[Size of Curtain Rod]=[_THISROW].[Length of curtain rod (Inches)]/12)

Hi Aleski,

Thank you for the reply but no sure where I am going wrong as I have tried to add the formula given by you in Valid if field and also in Auto compute field but in both cases the field "Size of Curtain Rod"is not being shown in form

Any idea where I am going wrong?

If the column is not shown, it means that it doesn’t find any value that would match.


Yes seem the issue and now its working fine but the next issue I am facing is in the next column it is suppose to show only values in the field that match to the measurement like if the user has done an input of 36 and size of rod is 3 than in Name of Product it is suppose to show only value matching to number 3 but now its showing all values, Attaching screenshots of the App and the spreadsheet too.