Pictures not saving/loading


When I take a new picture it shows in the preview then when I save the form it doesn’t load after and just shows a grey triangle. Is there a way to fix this?


@Steve So I am somehow supposed to figure out how to read this document and then set this all up? It seems odd because it was working fine until this week and now none of my pictures save properly. As soon as it syncs they disappear? I would have to set this up for the hundreds of image columns I used to have that no longer work properly for some reason?

I don’t understand why I cannot just use whatever appsheet was using to save my images before? I am supposed to custom link each file and each picture to my Google drive where appsheet used to store my pictures or no longer stores my pictures?

This is very confusing to me. Please forgive my stupidity.

Thanks again,


In this case, I’d suspect a bug. Please contact for help with this.