Pie chart colors applied to [COLOR] and switch expression result

@tony @morgan @Aleksi I’m having trouble with pie chart colors similar to the following post: [Pie chart colors! Is there a way to tie spec]

However, rather than using an ENUM column, I’m using a COLOR column with a single option “Green” that renders as a checkbox in a form. An IF expression changes the color of a STATUS column (box checked = GREEN, box unchecked=RED) and a switch expression is used to create more meaningful labels for the chart legend - SWITCH([DAILY], “Green”, “complete”, “Red”, “not done”, “”).

I would like for the “Green” (or “complete”, after the switch expression) to be rendered in the green color in the pie chart and “Red” (or “not done”) to be red in the pie chart. However, as in the referenced post, the pie chart colors seem to be applied in descending order as configured in the UX/Chart/View Options/Chart Colors rather than applied strictly by category.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Any thoughts on this inquiry?

As far as I know, chart column colors are ordered alphabetically based on the label column. So in your case you should be able to use your label column with “Green” followed by “Red” in your aggregate pie chart, because “complete” is before “not done” alphabetically.

The color column is not used directly in this case (only to compute your label column) and color is determined by that the order specified in the aggregate pie chart view.

If doesn’t work, let me know, I’m happy to follow-up on this.