Pie chart colors! Is there a way to tie spec

(Dâmaso Saraiva) #1

Pie chart colors!

Is there a way to tie specific colors to specific values in the pie chart?

Eg, I have a chart showing 3 statuses for a delivery tracking app, Undelivered, Partially delivered and Fully delivered, which I’d like to color red, yellow and green. I have sorted the colors via drag and drop so the colors match when the chart has all 3 statuses, but all deliveries start undelivered and when there’s only one value in the chart, the color doesn’t match.

Pie chart colors applied to [COLOR] and switch expression result
(Tony Fader) #2

@Filipe_Damaso_Saraiv Hmm, this seems like a feature we should add. The behavior I’d expect is if the Chart Column is an enum, then the chart colors should be aligned with the enum values. But this doesn’t seem to be happening. Adding @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee


I have also tried to have pie charts colors “stick” to specific entries values (like Red = overdue) but they seem to reorder, particularly if you add a new enum value. Would great if you could assign a specific color, and if new enums added, then random assign…

(Dâmaso Saraiva) #4

Hey @Mike, from my experience this is now working as expected. So long as you remember to keep the number of colors in the graph the same as the number of options in the enum column, and place the colors in the same order as the enum options, colors match up.


@Filipe - Thanks for the heads up! Will have to go back and give it a try again.