Pie Chart Sorted by Slice Size

Is there a way to sort the slices of a pie chart. Biggest slice first, next biggest and so on…

Hi @Mark_Krug,

If I have correctly understood your requirement, you may wish to create a VC with an expression something like below

INDEX(SORT(SELECT(Table Name[Column Name Having Slice Values],TRUE),TRUE),[_ROWNUMBER]-1)

You may use this VC in the Pie Chart view settings as the “Chart Column”

The expression assumes, the slice values are in continuous rows, starting from Row 2. The expression may need change based on how the slice value rows are arranged in your case. Please also consider sync time impact when a VC is is used in solution.

Below are some relevant images of the sample Pie Chart app that I quickly modified.

Image -1 The slice values as exist in the table ( Column Name Percentage)


Image 2: Sorted Pie chart that uses a VC called SortedPercentage, created with expression as mentioned above.



Thank you for your response @Suvrutt_Gurjar. My data is not already aggregated like your example appears to be. I’ll work with your idea and see what I can come up with. I’ll give feedback on the eventual solution.

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