Pile of overlay actions

I’ve seen this. I’m not sure if this feature available for prototype apps.


I believe that is after testing one has to choose a subscription plan while deploying that anyway will be required,


I would say a benefit of my approach over the AppSheet built-in User Settings is that my Settings doesn’t require users to tap save & sync their changes because I use the quick-edit feature on a detail-view.

In the built-in user settings scenario, users need to save their changes and the apps are forced to be synced before the users can continue their works.

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I believe, it depends on how one looks at it. If there are users getting added, I believe the app admin will need to maintain the user table with one row per user. UserSettings does not require that.

In general, we can definitely keep discussing the merits and demerits of an approach. I believe community gives best possible suggestions based on the shared details.

I will agree that your own final choice will be the best since you have to be convinced with it. Best luck.



In general for apps requiring user sign-in, the admin needs at least to add the new user emails and also to maintain the email list. There are always admin roles & actions required anyway and they need a bit more work on my proposed approach, of course.