"Pin Selected" event action for Map views

There are currently no event actions available for Map views…

how about a “Pin Selected” event action???

There are dozens of posts in the community, where people are looking for a way to “take some control” over the map view. Right now this involves:

  • Creating a slice for your map
  • Creating a map view for that slice
  • Creating a deck view for that slice
  • (and currently, due to a bug) Creating a detail view that you must manually mirror with the root tables detail view

That last one particularly sucks, because unless you wish the details shown between seeing a record from a map-starting-point vs. elsewhere, it’s literally just a duplication of effort.

Creating a deck view to take control over the deck view that’s shown when you select a map pin… not so bad - in fact being able to have the confidence of knowing that that view is only for that specific deck view is kinda nice.

But if we could simply take over the action that happens when someone selects a pin - adding in our own navigation deep-link, I think that’s what most people are really shooting for when they’re asking how to do things with the map views.

This obviously only applies to map views shown in a small enough display. I searched for a similar feature request, but surprizingly I couldn’t find one. Link to the original if I’m wrong.

As always, thanks for considering! (^_^)

I’d vote for this… but I’ve reached my limit of votes. :frowning_face:


Same to me :frowning:

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An excellent idea…!!! Voted…!!!

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I have votes because I ONLY vote for the important stuff…
And, what you’re really asking for here is the Map View to act like other views…


Here are same questions / requests. Please upvote here :slight_smile:


Can you explain this?

I could think also of a Row Selected Action to set the status for a map pin.
Like checking items on a XY map view.

What I meant was that previously, a few months ago or so, you could make use of the “Deck row selected event action” and even when shown at the bottom of a map view it would still work.

This meant that you could then use the event action, of someone tapping on the deck view under the map entry (when you select a map pin), and use that like any other event action; you could put a composite action there, or simply redirect someone with a navigation action to the system generated view for the row that was selected.

This meant that you didn’t have to create a duplicate detail view for the “map detail view” - meaning the detail view you arrive at when you tap on a map pin enough times to get to a detail view for a record.

But I see…