Pivot table and AppSheet

I would like to use pivot table capabilities and then display the results in the app with AppSheet.
Would that be possible?
I have tried to create sorting and filtering rules that would mimic the pivot table’s behaviour, but no success with some more complex cases.
I have looked through the topics and found some comments on that question in this post:

A bunch of users are using a group of cars; I would like to know how long in hh:mm each car have been used by which user (columns are car types and lines user ID). I could not create a good enough filter with appsheet whereas it was quite easy with a pivot table.

I have more complex examples if needed.

Thank you!

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From the article you referenced:


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I get a little tricky to show my pivot table in appsheet and i can export csv file that contain like the pivot table.
I make a sheet that reference to the pivot table sheet.