Placeholder Dummy Image in Image

Does anyone know a webservice that can give me Placeholder images that look like this:


Image in Image.
I tried it with where I can set a Border. But this is not working, because the ratio of the two images should stay the same.

I want to use it as for the Background image in XY column. Since SVG is not supported for that.

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Do you have any idea?

Hi Fabian,

Quick question, why do you stick with the API service to return the image to consume as background images for XY type?

Any static image file which are saved somewhere on the cloud and image file we have path to access to wont suffice your needs?

For instance, url like this

and you place this as background image for xy type?

I just hover over your image on your original post and right click to get the copy of image address… And then place it to xy type image fields?

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The reason is that I can’t use static Images.

If you’re trying to do dynamic adjustments, can you use SVG instead? Note: I don’t do xy type stuff ever.

I would love to, but sadly SVG Code is not supported in XY Background Image.

Even if you do the SVG work in a separate regular image column used for background?

Sadly this is not working.

Dang. Well that depletes my knowledge on this topic, unfortunately.