Plan level for 2 App

I made 2 applications where the first application was used by 3 users and the second application was used for 8 users.
The question is whether I only need to use Pro plan level for 10 users?
Please help

If there are 11 (instead of 10, 3 + 8 = 11) distinct, then you need 11 licenses.
If not, for instance, the 3 users on the 1st app, are also the users on the 2nd app, then could should be 8 in total in terms of licenses you need.

In essence, they count in terms of how many distinct app users you have under your account.

It’s dependent on the features inside your app. There is a place in the Manage panel that gives you a breakdown of what licenses are required for your app (and why).

Also, if you look in there’s a summary of all your apps and their requirements.

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thank you for your answer

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To elaborate a bit more. The Pricing is either per app OR per user.

Per app pricing is for Public applications. These allow for unlimited users but are missing many features such as user login, automated workflows, email generation etc.

The per user priced apps have 3 tiers and, as @MultiTech_Visions mentioned, are based on features used within the applications. The Business tier are for higher volume of users OR where database connectivity is required.

Now, in the per user pricing schemes, you can have as many apps under a single AppSheet account as you want. License charges are based on UNIQUE users within the account. This means if you have a single user that uses say 10 of your applications, you will need only a single license for that user.

The price you pay for those user licenses is based on the functionality tier which is based on the features your app is using as described above.


thanks. it’s really useful