Plan update required with only 3 users

I’m prototyping an app with 3 users doing testing. When I replaced one of the users with another I received a notice that my plan requires an upgrade due to exceeding 3 users. However, my app only has three users assigned, so why is an upgrade required?

Because you had 4 distinct users use it within the same month? It’s not how many users are authorized at a time, it’s how many use it within the month (as I understand it).

If I do nothing and roll into the next month with 3 users, will the upgrade still be required?

If I’m forced to upgrade, can I downgrade if in the future only 1-2 users will ever use the app (it’s just something to collect some data within the family and not worth paying for).

I’m afraid I don’t know, and don’t want to guess and end up giving you bad advice. Please contact or for help with this.

Thanks Steve,

To follow for anyone who searches this topic…

I contacted support and then suggested turning off the “Personal use only?” setting (in Info>Properties>App Properties). This will allow up to 10 free users of a prototype app.

I guess I interpreted that setting to mean “not for commercial use” as opposed to “I’m the only user” (a single user with up to 3 email accounts?) of a deployed and licensed app.

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