Plan upgrade needed — click to fix it!

(Carlos Daniel De La Torre) #1

Help, I want to use the free features and there still says I need to upgrade because a checked the offline option:

“Entregaypago-892083: Offline access not allowed with the FREE plan”

But i can’t find that option and uncheck it, where is it so i can delete that warning and use the free features for personal use


Hi @Towalf Have a look under Behaviour> Offline and Sync and unselect it there.

(Carlos Daniel De La Torre) #3


it is like this:

But i keep getting this “warning”:

I don’t know why, all actions that say they require a pro plan or something are inactive.


Suddenly it changed and no more warning but it still says minimum plan is pro i dont know why. thanks for your help, it solved my first doubt.

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