Planned changes to errors related to unstable keys

Hi all,

For a long time, we have shown an error to the user if they attempt to create a column of type Ref, where the referenced table uses _RowNumber as the key. This is because _RowNumber is an unstable key that can lead to data loss.

We are making a couple changes to this:

  1. We will expand the cases where the error is shown to include columns of both type Ref and of type List of Ref
  2. We will not show the error in either case if the column is a virtual column or the referenced table is read-only*

If your app has a table that meets these conditions, you will need to change the key of that table to not use _RowNumber. If you need assistance doing this, we have a full guide on keys here:

*If you were shown the error in the past few days, but with a virtual column or a read-only table, it was my mistake and the error has gone away by now. See Column Error when Referencing (REF) data from other table in the spreadsheet

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Savvy :nerd_face::+1:

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Thank you for the update!

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Thanks for the update, that explains the huge load of errors I was dealing with the last day… :angry: