Platform Limits

I have just read a document about Platform limits, I really don’t remember reading it before:


  1. How as an App creator, I can track this EVENT usage?

  2. Is the monthly limits also applicable to the App creator? for example deleting rows, what would happen if the app creator tries to delete rows but events per user license per month quota reached the monthly limits?

  3. For add/update/delete performed by the app, is it count towards each row or for each cell?

Thanks for explanation on this.

Here is the reference.


I have raised these questions internally. The documentation doesn’t explain these good enough.


Bro I hit 2,000 edits a day easy when I’m working on a project.

  • Between actual data entry, ref updates, action looping, etc…

Sleight exaggeration, lol


Uh oh, i don’t like where this is going.

EDIT: I knew i didn’t like it


What exactly does that “number of pages in a document” refer to? 5 in any context seems extremely limiting. I have grave concerns about these new limits and the way that these limits are being discovered.


I was just in the process of making an app for generating documents of around 10 pages of length, i guess i’ll just have to dump that project sad parrot party parrot


Already we have soo many limitations in AppSheet. Adding new ones ! Truly a really great Business Model!


Exactly the type of thing I am concerned about. Some of us may have existing workflows that are about to get converted over to automation. We have any number of reports that are of variable length, are we supposed to now somehow cap them at 5 pages?

I also just waited 20 days to get a non-answer to a support email, can I expect the same when addressing these new limits that break my apps?


My point in case

  • In one day I had 299 edits myself.

    • For one app alone

Looks like this user will be over his limit for the month

- Question then becomes… what happens to this user?


Where did you read “Edits”? I am reading “usage” which to me translates into how many times an end user performed a function that activated an automation, workflow, api and add/update/delete operations.

I am concerned about how these will affect pricing for us small businesses!


AppSheet doesnt even support proper pagination yet, how do they expect to limit our document pages…?

Regardless, if these changes go through as planned, a large chunk of the community-driven solutions to many outstanding platform limitations will become impractical or downright misleading of the platforms capabilities. Does AS intend on pruning these posts out?


Usage events are any automation events, workflow rules, api calls, and user operations (e.g. add/update/delete) performed by the app.

I understand this to mean they are limiting the add/update/delete actions only invoked and performed by the system.


My understanding that the chart per-user drilldown: app interactions per day is including count of sync. I am not seeing that sync is part of EVENTS per user license, and I hope it is not.


Exactly! Regardless of how they are referred to, “edits” (by the way, by edits I thought you were originally referring to development changes?) or some other metric, what happens when the limit is exceeded? I presume some additional charge?


For sure, this is the worst event I see with Appsheet for the last 4 years with them.
Just “unfortunate”

Such kind of limiation will just reduce the capability of appsheet as business application builder for sure. This would affect all the appsheet creator, who many need to dump the production app as well as giving up the ongoing project.

I understand outage such as email deliverying services would happen due to high demands at one time due to high number of documentation, the platformer need to avoid such downtime by restricting something for the users. But 5 page only PDF should not be a way to constrain.

2000 update or total event is basically nothing (even 8000 for business subscriptions)

For the last years and years, the community comes up with the much of innovative idea and solutions together, the representing tips and tricks are inducted by @Steve and @Aleksi and other highly sprited community member, such as “Looping actions”
For instance, the looping action technique is great and unprecedented solutions, but one action will involves bunch of data changes. I m afraid this limiation may spoil such efforts and contribution made by them.

For app user, it appear just one action, assuming one data event, but it may result in tons of action. Users interact in this way jsut for a little. But App will be blocked? What a nonsense.

Pricing is going up, but the more of restrictions are imposed to us.

Enocomically not correct neither.

I m at a loss in this morning , as I dont have any words in my mind in terms of how to report to our end user and clients…

We are on highest tier plan, but no beneit is gained by staying with highest tier, as we still are able to print just 5 pages total document only, no remedy by upgrading plan neither.

At last, we did not see this through official announcement, which is unfair


I assumed BOT will live forever, based on previous advice from the team, but it was mis-lead.


Assumption (im on ex business plan)

  1. I have relatively large, but not rediculously large table, like 8000 row.

  2. I set up action, set of rows. Targeting one column for all rows in this table.

  3. Fire.

  4. Done.

  5. I run out the quote.

  6. End of story.


Upon contacting to news of aquisition, we assumed the infrastracture of Apps will be upgraded, resulting in just benefit to app creator and users.
But sadly, it was not a right prediction. Things are getting worse to us… .
Good to see Appsheet keeps growing and more of new functionaliies and features, but unfortunatley, more of restriction and limitation is imposed on us as well at the same time.


We run our app on Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL (my SQL instance) as well as Azure SQL. To do that, we set up firewall for acccess to such instances, adding 45 (correctly) IP (appsheet servers) which is bit troublesome, killing my time. But saying to myself, this is essential process, as we are able to enjoy the enhansement of backend service behind the app, thanks to higher number of servers concurrent works… But now … Sorry, i lose my words just because of a shock.



I think it’s fair to say that there are limits and quotas when it comes to developing applications on AppSheet as a PaaS.
And it is up to the partner to provide a valuable solution to the customer within those limits.

However, all of this is possible only if the right information is provided.
With the limits we know today, we are unlikely to be able to implement the right integration.

I hope to see a lot of best practices using AppSheet, so please provide more information.:pray: