Please add Yandex provider for Authentication!

Please add Yandex provider for Authentication!

No needs to add Yandex as auth provider.
Yandex can use google authentication
Associate your Yandex account with google and use it

No it is needed, because all of my employes has email with my domain (personal domain) which is provided by Yandex. So the Authentication must be through yandex as it is my domains provider!

Non of my employes can sign in to my app because Yandex is not listed in the Appsheet Authentication Providers.


Familiar situation :slight_smile:
I also have a domain on Yandex. Moreover, it is called in Russian кухни
All my colleagues have to use names like Ivan@–123–jhjhg–asd.–abc to authenticate with Google.
But since there are not so many of them, and everyone has a google account (on the phone), it is not difficult for me to manage their rights to the application.
Now I can’t tell you how to grant rights to the entire domain.
But, I know that google and AppSheets will not add a new provider.
Keep me informed if something changes