Please advise on table structure

Hey All,

sorry for posting such a question, but I have been struggling with this all day, and I just ended up in several apps not doing what I was trying to achieve :smiley: (2 years ago I successfully used appsheet already for another project, so I know it would be doable, but I am no programmer and cant find the right solution now)

We have a basketball team
The team has like 20 players
They play games
During the games we want to record their stats by players
Would be also good to be able to record the result of the game in parallel (no need for detailed stats for the opponent)
The stats of the games should be summarized by players in their overall profile
historical match results should be stored

Shall I continue to put all these into one app (and what would an ideal table setup then?)
or shall I seperate these functions into different apps and try to link them after?

Again, sorry, for asking such a noob question, but I thought I take my chances and post this


Sounds like you need the following tables:

  1. Team
  2. Player (child of Team)
  3. Game
  4. Game_Player_Stats (1 record per Player per Game)

One app is fine for the above.

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Thanks, will try to build something around these, …but I just realized that I might not have been precise in describing my goal: I would like to add the player stats during the game one-by-one. So when someone scores; I add that, when somone gets a rebound; I add that, when someone scores a three-pointer; I add that, etc. So I need many entries per players per games, I am trying to work around with logs now, I am not sure if this is the right way though :smiley:

Here is one way to do it:

Have a Slice on the Game_Player_Stats Table, showing only the records for the current game.

Set up a Table view for the above slice.

Set up a bunch of inline Actions for each stat, that add 1 to each stat. So if player “A” gets a rebound, you click the “+1 rebound” action next to his record for that game.

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Yes, i am trying something like that “theoratically” :smiley: , thanks, I will investigate ‘slices’ then and how to separate stats by game,
and is it doable to create new games then with empty starting stats entries? Thanks


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So (if anyone can help, pls) what is the right way to do this:

I have Players in one table
I have Teams in one table
I have Games in one table

Players belong to the same Team all the time, but should belong to several Games so that their stats can be summed up in their Player profile? Game should be created by the user by adding the Teams to the Game which automatically adds the list of Players of that Team to the Game?

I am able to create a Game currently and user can choose from Teams but Teams do not have Players because I cannot create duplicate entries in the “Team Table Key Column”.

What function do I need to try to play with, to make the above idea work?


Sounds like you forgot about the 4th suggested Table:

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