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I am trying to develop an app in which users register and it falls into to rows with the same UUID to complete a hierarchy. I have accomplished the deference but I would like as the user inputs their info it automatically fills the both designated spots. Is there a formula to make the rows mirror each other?

Could you please describe your app in more detail? I don’t quite understand the following:

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I am creating a 5 hierarchy at once where the numbers consecutively each number rotates into the top spot 1,2,3,4,5…; 2,4,5,8,9…; 3,6,7,12,13…; 4,8,9,16,17…; 5,10,11,20,21… So each number iterates twice. I want the users to stay at each corresponding spot number.

I figured it out!!! I just needed a simple dereference/lookup formula. You guys are so awesome in appsheet. The community support allows you to easily create and understand your own app. I really love you guys!!!

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