Please can some shed some light on this for m...

(geoff gardener) #1

Please can some shed some light on this for me please.

My app has a report which sends a SMS (twilio) on a weekly basis.

The client replies and a Zap (Zapier) places the SMS back into the Googlesheet which drives the app.

2 issues I have:

  1. I am having a issue referencing the SMS (mobile number) to the client, the aim is for the client to reply with number between 0 - 10 so I can then create a graph based on progress.

  2. In my googlesheet I set up a vlookup to populate fields as the App wont do this, but twilio/zapier insert the number below the formulas, so I cant seem to populate the required fields.

Does anybody have a work around for this?

I am guessing a Corporate Plan would allow me to have Inbound Function with Zapier/Twilio?

(Tony Fader) #2

The details of how you do solve (1) depends on your app. You’ll need to use a LOOKUP formula, possibly: - LOOKUP()

I’m not sure what you mean by (2).

A corporate plan would allow you to have a REST API for your app, which means Zapier can trigger changes in your app. LOOKUP()

(geoff gardener) #3

@tony Thanks Tony.

I have used the lookup expression, but it seems to be pulling in information from another Row.

At the moment the SMS comes in with the clients mobile number.

I am wanting to link the sms to the client. To do that I have expressed a lookup based on mobile number. But it seems to be picking up information from a different client…