Please enable/activate horizontal Momentum scrolling

For those who don’t know, Momentum scrolling is the ability to flick your finger on the screen and the view will scroll automatically - quickly at first and the gradually slow down to a stop, all without touching the screen again.

Momentum scrolling is currently active vertically. It allows you to get top to bottom of a very long list of records quickly.

Now that we can have scrollable tables in ours views and these tables can have a large number of columns, horizontal Momentum scrolling is needed to provide the best user experience AND be consistent with vertical Momentum scrolling.

The current horizontal point-to-point scrolling just feels very clunky.

Yes, I noticed that myself. It would make it less clunky!

This would be a great addition to appsheet functionality, but it would need to be optional.

Why optional? Its already there just its slow as molasses! - especially if you have a large table.

With momentum scrolling a user can scroll as slow or as fast as they want. Right now they only have slow.

I would still want it to be optional. Sometimes you dont want the user to be able to momentum scroll in certain views.


@Jonathan_S, vertical momentum scrolling is not optional so it’s hard for me to understand why horizontal momentum scrolling should be optional

By the way, when you use an app in a browser, I think you’ll find that both vertical and horizontal momentum scrolling work well (default).

@Jonathan_S @Kirk_Masden

Its not that I’m against it being optional. If there is a good use case for it - more than it “might” be needed - then yes, make it optional. The more users of the platform served, the better for us all.

I do agree with @Kirk_Masden, it needs to be consistently represented across the platform.

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I See when your coming from, Im not sure how many others would have use case for it being optional.

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