Please help a newb with a simple app

Hi. If someone would please point me in the right direction I would appreciate some help as a non-programmer.
App journey is simple: Enter a name and a phone number then hit save.
I have a google spreadsheet of unique, one-time use codes. I want to send the first unused code to the phone number I entered via SMS and mark it as used so it cant’ get sent again.
Then repeat the process, but send the next unused code on the list. So that I never send the same code out twice.

Hi @Justinn ,
Not too sure where you are in your journey, hopefully you made good progress.

Sample App
I took your question as an opportunity for myself to train and practice. I came up with a fairly simple approach to sending SMS with unique codes. Feel free to play with the sample app and dig into the logic if that can help steepen your learning curve.

Look at the (only) app called SendUniqueCode in my portfolio. Note that you can only send an SMS from your phone in this example, not from the web interface (unless you installed an app to send SMS on your computer). So run the app on your phone for the full experience.

This is the first time I share a sample app, so constructive feedback is always appreciated.
Good luck with your own development.