Please Help for "Valid_If"


I can’t use a formula that may seem simple to you …

First, in valid_if I put (ALPHA [ALPHA] and everything is ok, I see my list of people.

BUT I want to add a condition: I want the list to appear only for people [ALPHA] when the column [Grade] = “Mdc”.

I tried:

  • (ALPHA [ALPHA], (ALPHA [Grade] = “Mdc”, true))

  • (ALPHA [ALPHA], AND (ALPHA [Grade] = “Mdc”, true))

  • FILTER (ALPHA [ALPHA], (ALPHA [Grade] = “Mdc”, true))

BUT Nothing works

I am not an app sheet expert but I need your help. Sorry for my english and thank you very much.

IFS("Mdc"=[Grade], ALPHA[ALPHA])

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I just tried but in the ALPHA form disappeared.

So I tried (“Mdc” = ALPHA [Grade], ALPHA [ALPHA]) BUT error:

“Cannot compare Text with List in (“Mdc” = ALPHA [Grade])”

Do you have another idea?

Thanks you.


IFS(“”=USEREMAIL(),Users[Full Name])

here I am listing all the available users if email is matches(User is table name).

Hope it will help you.


(Mdc” = [Grade], ALPHA [ALPHA])
Please try this

The result filters but does not really give me the wanted list.

Details of my data source:

My form opens on this sheet:

and my ALPHA and Grade list that I want to filter is on this another sheet:

(I created an enumList with Ref)

SO the expresion is ALPHA[ALPHA] is Ok but I can’t add the [Grade] condition.

I’m sure it’s not that complicated …but enough for me


FILTER("ALPHA", [Grade]="Mdc")

« Cannot compare List with Text in ([Grade]) = « Mdc »)… :cry:

Its related to the column types:

FILTER("ALPHA", IN([Grade], {"Mdc"}))