Please Help: How to concatenate list of different rows of another table into one value

Hello! I will try to explain my situation as best I can…

Table 1: Master Store List

  • Contains list of stores, with [#], [Name]
  • Contains 1 column called [Store Visit History]
  • Contains 1 column called [Name/Date/Comments]

Table 2: Daily Report

  • When “Master Store List” row is edited, “Name/Date/Comments” section resets on edit, so you can type in a new entry
  • When saved, a row is added to this table containing the [#], [Name], [Date], and details from [Name/Date/Comments]
  • The [Name/Date/Comments] details would be entered into the [Visit Details] automatically

Goal: Have (Master Store List[Store Visit History]) reflect a list of comments made only for that store, pulling the different rows from the “Daily Report” table. It would be a list of [Visit Details] of the different rows that have the same # and Name as the store list, but compiled into one column.
Details: I would love if there could be a blank line between each entry, and if they could be sorted by the [Date] column of Daily Report, with the newest visits shown at the top, and the oldest visits shown at the bottom.

I would assume the best way to do this is to use a virtual column, and have the formula as the app formula, but my struggle is how to write the formula. I know workflow templates have the Start: function.

Any and all help with this would be appreciated x1000. Thank you!

So I have made a partial formula

Select(Daily Report[Visit Details],AND([#]=[Store #],[Name]=[Store Name],[List Only]=[Store List]))

This formula gets values, but separates them with a comma.
I still need each the Visit Details to be sorted by the [Date] column with newest first, and I still need a space in between each visit. I have tried but failed to implement these tasks into my formula.

First, you’ll need a virtual column in Master Store List with an App formula expression like this to get a sorted list of the appropriate rows from Daily Report:

    "Daily Report",
      ([#] = [Store #]),
      ([Name] = [Store Name]),
      ([List Only] = [Store List])

If the virtual column above was called DR Rows (for example) then the App formula expression for Visit Details would be something like this:

  [DR Rows][Visit Details],

Note carefully the indentation in that expression: that quotation mark before the closing parenthesis should be on a line by itself with no indenting. The quotation mark on the line before it should be the very last character on its line.


Hi! First, thank you very much. Second, I am having a bit of trouble with the formula. In my new virtual column, it reads as only the row key, and not the actual “Visit Details”. Also, I have an issue with the ", " delimiter. In the comments, the people often use commas, and when the Substitute function is used, it replaces every comma/space with a new line.

Clarification: [Visit Details] is a column in the Daily Report table, and my goal is to compile each [Visit Details] value in the Daily Report that matches store #/Name, and write it out in a new virtual column in the Master Store List table.

Again, thank you very much!

That is the intention.

In the configuration of that virtual column, change the item delimiter to a character that is very unlikely to occur in user comments (like perhaps the vertical bar, |), then also replace "," in the SUBSTITUTE() expression with that same character in quotes (e.g., "|").

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Ok! I do have an additional question though. How do I get the visit details out of the row key values? Another virtual column? Thank you!

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That’s what the SUBSTITUTE() expression would give you. Use that expression as the App formula for whatever column you want to contain the list of all visit comments.

Ok thanks! I will try plugging this in later

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Hi! Everything almost works, but I am still having issues with the delimiters. I followed your steps. In the “DR Rows” virtual column, it is a List column, with a Ref, and a delimiter of “===”. Then, I changed the substitute formula like you said. It still only puts the commas, and does not even put in the === in the first place. Thanks!

Please post a screenshot of the virtual column configuration.



I actually ended up solving the issue. The separater was a " , ", and that is not a natural way to write a comma, so I have an action that Substitutes a ", " for " , " which lets me use the " , " as a delimiter, so it works now. Thanks!



Hi @Steve
I have a similar case.
How can I concatenate information from related tables into a virtual column?
For example here I want to concatenate two dates from the REGISTRATION table.


**001** Daniel 123456789 30/05/2021 - 03/06/2021


X01 30/05/2021 03/06/2021 **001**
  " - ",

Thanks a lot @Steve
It works perfect!

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