Please Help me with an API

Hi, I’m not an expert on API’s But I just want to know any help that you could give me.

I have an app that is already functional and ready to be deployed.

Now I want to connect that app with an other software, where every time I create a new row in my table, It creates/sends the information to the other software (Kometsales).

I already have the Key and the API for Add information to komet.

On my app I created a workflow that triggers When I ADD a new row and call a webhook with the URL that I have and send the information with the JSON code.

This is my JSON
“Action”: “Add”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-US”,
“Timezone”: “Pacific Standard Time”,
“Rows”: [
“ID Token”: “<<UNIQUEID()>>”,
“ProductCode”: “<<[Código de Barras]>>”,
“StemsBunch”: “<<[Tallos por Ramo]>>”,
“unittype”: “Bunch”,
“quantity”: “<<[Cantidad Ramos Cortados]>>”,
“block”: “<<[Código de Barras]>>”,
“bed”: “<<[Código de Barras]>>”,
“cutter”: “<<[Código Cortador]>>”,
“customercode”: “<<[ID Cliente]>>”,
“cutDate”: “<<TEXT([Fecha Corte],“yyyy-mm-dd”)>>”

So now I have 2 questions about this.

  1. I have a key that the people from kometsale gave me and I never used that to create what I said before, so, did I make something wrong ?
  2. In that way that I already made it, it belongs to PRO plan or BUSSINES plan ?

If you are sending a payload to an external service, your JSON is probably incorrect because it looks like you are using AppSheet’s API. You need to refer to the komet developer docs to set up the POST correctly.

The Pro plan is sufficient for webhooks like what you are looking for.

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You are right. I took the wrong screenshot


You don’t have the correct API endpoint- it is not the webpage, rather it is what is given on that page

Your payload needs to look like this:

“authenticationToken”: “tkcldomk9s2sb973i0seag334o”,
“block”: “1-A”,
“bed”: “123”,
“cutter”: 2332,
“productCode”: “235284”,
“stemsBunch”: 10,
“unitType”: “Stem”,
“quantity”: 1,
“customerCode”: “365634”,
“cutDate”: “2020-08-15”


So in the Body, I don’t have to put anything else ???

Correct - you need to put the correct authentication token.

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Done, thank you very much.

I already did it and it seems it worked

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