Please look at this, how bad this looks again and again, I can not stress this enough IS IT EVER GOING TO CHANGE?

Look how ux design team is working, look how our apps look to our end user, it is like some kid has played with this.

Please fire who ever is doing this. it is still the worst ux design ever.

look how close to the edge this is and show columns doing their own thing.

everything is every ware it is funny and sad at the same time.



I agree.


I echo, but major constructions (for whole AppSheet UI/UX) are believed to be going on.
I just patiently wait for that to see the improvement.

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6 mounts has past since they changed ux to this and they made it worse not better since.

formatting some data doesn’t work, when you enlarge some fonts it stay the same in the detail view, in quick edit mode detail view it cuts half of the field that you are trying to change, and so on.

it is ugly unprofessional and sad looking right now. Nothing has changed.

And it is not me talking, it is every of our costumer, and prospects when we go to present the apps that says the same.

it looks ugly confusing unappealing and unreliable. Plain and ugly

do not want to promote anybody but if they only new how other platforms look ant feel to the end user, they would do something about this.

If I was starting to learn and use the platform right now i would have no motivation to look and build the apps that look like this.

Please hire somebody that gives a f… about UX design.

Sorry but this is so frustrating

@praveen @Arthur_Rallu

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I agree.

Hi @ns_soft_studio1

Could you reach out to and let us take a look at your apps? Mention that the ticket should go straight to me (Arthur Rallu).

I was trying to recreate your issues, but it’ll be better for both of us if you can let us see how you’ve set up that dashboard.

Thank you

Note: I understand your frustration and it’s fair to say that
it looks ugly confusing unappealing and unreliable. Plain and ugly
However, please tone down some of the language, including in the name of screenshots. It doesn’t help anyone.


Ok, sorry for the for the bad words, but we a are very frustrated about ux of the apps, customers are complaining all the time about the look of it, and we can do nothing about it.
Not just one but everybody at some point mention how confusing and bad it look for users.


The web form is preferred over the email address.


@Steve this is what i see after form submit.

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I’ve escalated this internally.

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Let me know if/when you’re able to submit a support request on this. I haven’t seen one so far.
It will be difficult to solve these dashboard issues without a clean repro.
Thank you.

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HI ok i will make it today state what app it is, but you can find that anomalies in almost all of the apps in my case, also formatting that doesn’t work, or where it cuts the icon in line view.