Please put back the test button in Automation>Tasks (especially for the webhook tasks)

Workflows under Behavior have a test button. It is very useful for Webhook calls since we can check on payloads that we will be sending to a service.

Under automations>Tasks, we no longer have access to the test button.

Please add it back. That’s very useful.


FYI @prithpal

You can find the “Test” button at the Bot level currently. I too would like it very much if the “Test” button was also available at the Task level.

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The bot level test doesn’t show details like request payload :frowning:.

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Thanks for providing feedbacks. Since a process has branches(if else), and wait step, and it is not the same as the old workflow which all the steps are running one by one. So relying on the existing test feature to display payload for each step is not ideal. We will have a new feature called Emulator, which will provide detail information for each step, this new tool will replace the “test” feature.