Please 'Rick Rubin' The New Automation Suite

It’s very difficult to distinguish between the Bots/Events/Processes/Tasks.

Bot’s and Process’ appear to be almost identical except that Bots can trigger multiple processes based on an event.

Conditions within the Process window are almost identical to Events and frankly, I do not know why they are separate tools.

Actions can be inside of Automation but are the only tool that do not live within the Automation suite.

Tasks can trigger Actions but Actions cannot trigger Tasks even though, the word Task is almost synonymous with Action. There cannot be a task that is completed without an Action and vice versa.

The lack of distinction between these new tools is compounded by the fact that they do not act separately. For example, tasks can get created in the Bot window but the removal of those tasks in the bot window does not appear to remove them in the Tasks window. Either the Bot pane should house Processes, Events, and Tasks or these four items should be completely separate.

The amount of naming is out of control. I need to name the task, the event, and then each step within the combination of these things. Once you create a few bots it’s very difficult to distinguish between the various names and whether they are tasks, processes, events e.t.c.

All in all, it feels like this overhaul of the Workflows and Reports was supposed to allow for re-using existing pieces of events, tasks, or processes but instead, it feels like it’s multiplied the time it takes and the number of buttons, cards, windows, modals, e.t.c.

Everything to make this a great feature is already there, it just needs to be streamlined into one window where everything lives on a straight If Else line like the Process window. Reduce reduce reduce!




Yes please

A few more things. If I create a Process and then create a Bot to house that Process, the Bot does not automatically let me choose the existing Process and instead requires me to create a new Process that gets tied to a ‘Other’ table.

If I then select the Process that I want it to use it will A. keep the ‘new process’ that it just automatically created and B. keep the Bot tied to the ‘Other’ table. I then have to update the Bot to point it at the Process I already created and then go to the Process window and delete the automatically created 'new process. However, because the Bot became tied to the ‘Other’ table by the ‘new process’ it remains tied to that table and there’s no way of changing it which causes the Bot not to work. This also calls into question why bots are organized into tables if they are technically ‘table agnostic’. I think? Right? I don’t know… I’m still processing…


Thanks for posting/expounding.

We are all still processing…


Thanks @Jordan_Davis1, we’re streamlining the automation authoring UI and your feedback helped us a lot here.


That’s great! I’m happy my feedback was useful. Thanks Moura.