pls help me to get the app formula? " i have...

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #1

pls help me to get the app formula?

" i have set enum type for a column. I want my desired column will give me calculated score based on the enum valie choose by the responder. For example, enum values r 1,2,3,4 & give a weight 5 for this column. Now if responder choose 1, i will get the result 5 (51), if he choose 2, score will b 10 (52),for choosen 3, score 15(53) & for choosen 4, score will b 20(54). What will be app formula ??

Advance thnx for helping me. I stuck here, urgent pls pls…

(Kirk Masden) #2

Others on this forum know a lot more than I do about expressions but, if I were going to do something like this, I would have the enum be 1 to 5 (or whatever).

Then I would use an action(Data: Set the value of a column) to write the value with the proper calculation (with a formula like “[Name of enum column]*5”) into another column.

(Fernando López) #3

You need two columns, one for the Choosed Value (1 to 5 , enum type) and the other for the score, set the APP_FORMULA for the score column like this: =[Choosed value] * 5

(Kirk Masden) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks!

I changed the sample app as you suggested.

Of course, it worked like a charm!

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Little bit easier way than a Data change Workflow :wink:

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #6

Thnx guys. What if the enum values are Red, Green, Yellow; where i want red has 1 point, green 2 point, yellow has 3. Coloum weight is 5. So, if responded choose green, result will be 10, for choosen yellow, responded see the result 15… Still need help bro…


(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #7

Thnx Kirk Masden, its working…

I m ur new follower… Carry on bro…

(Kirk Masden) #8

Most of what I know I learned from @Aleksi_Alkio and other mentors in this community.

I’m just trying to pay back for all of the help that they have given me over the past couple years.

Answering questions is a new experience for me.

For the past two years, almost all of my posts have been asking questions, as you have done.


(Aleksi Alkio) #9

Or… you can write an action which will make the calculation like [Score]*5 and then trigger that Event action when you save the form. With this method you don’t need to add an additional column.

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #10

Still suffering. I hv the enum value in 7 no & want result in 8 column. Enum column has 4 list. For the 1st chossen assigned point is 1, 2nd is 2, 3rd choosen 3, 4th choosen is 4. Total column weight is 5. So, if respondent choose 3rd one, he will get 15(3*5) in the 8th column.

Help, help,help

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #11

Here is the enum values. What will be the app formula??


(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #12

How can i assign point for each enum values and how the column weight/point?

So that choosen response, get result choosen1or 2 or 3 or 4 will be multiplied by column weight.!!

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #13

I m new in appsheet but love it from the bottom of my heart… I wrote the formula in the google sheet but in appsheet it is not working, even only 1 enum column is shown where it supposed to hv 16 enum column…

(Marc Dillon) #14

Just like @Fernando_Lopez said. Column 8’s app formula = [column 7 name] *5

(Kirk Masden) #15

I made a sample app for Abu (which is public) and put in my profile: - Kirk Masden - portfolio of mobile apps created with AppSheet

Form2 is what @Fernando_Lopez suggested, I think.

@Aleksi_Alkio’s suggestion is Form1.

It was a bit more complicated to implement.

In addition to the action, a workflow rule was required to trigger it.

Also, I could not make this an ENUM because I got an error.

I had to make it a number column. Kirk Masden - portfolio of mobile apps created with AppSheet

(Aleksi Alkio) #16

Mr Kirk, you don’t need to use Workflow rule. You can trigger the action if you set the option “Event action” in the form view. This means what action the app needs to trigger when the form is saved.

(Kirk Masden) #17

I changed “Form2” in the sample app I made for you to do that.

I used the following formula in the “Result” column:


Or, if you wanted to have three columns (Color, Number, Result) you could give the colors the values of 1, 2, 3 respectively in the number column and then have those values multiplied by 5 in the Result column. You could hide the Number column so it looks the way you want, but you could still have a column that holds the basic (1, 2, 3, etc.) value that you have in mind.