Plz give me idea how to do this? barcode capture data and make list from it


Your request is very general so not a lot to work with. Maybe take a look at this example?

Sir I already build app like you send it make barcode database but how can make list of products when I scan barcode with ref to barcode database just scan barcode and product name automatically appear and added to new list like retail store makes bill or selling list

I think you need two tables/spreadsheets:

  • One with the list of barcodes (plus other data like Name, pictures, descriptions, etc.) that you captured – let’s all that “Barcodes”. The column with the actual barcode should be set as the Key column. The more human-friendly column should be set as the Display column (like Name).
  • One with the list of items being checked out or sold to someone (I think that’s your example) – let’s call this “Order Items”. It will have a column that captures the barcode, and at least one other column that makes this unique such as “Customer” and “Order Date”. Then set all the columns that make the row unique to Key. AppSheet will generate a Computed Key for you.

Now, to make the barcode searchable, in Order Items set the barcode column type to “Ref”. In the attributes of that column, set the table reference to Barcodes. Also set the Order Item.barcode column to Searchable.

Now when you add a new Order Item, it will know the barcode refers to the Barcodes table; and because you set the Name as the display column, when you find the barcode it will actually display the Name.

I hope that helps.

Yes as @Douglas_Thom says, a second table with product descriptions will be needed, and REF column set up the link the two. You can take a look at some demo examples here:[doc_type][0]=Apps&is_v=1

thanks @ Douglas_Thom works well

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