Pop up message for new record

Hi there,
I got a question.
I made an app for people in our company. They do many things in the app but there is one awkward thing. Each time a new record appears they have to open and read it carefully then on basis of the information they decide what to do with that. One thing - we cannot automate that. It has to be done by humans.
Maybe it is possible to make a popup that will appear when the new record comes? It would really help us.
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btw. LOVE this community :heart_eyes:

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I’m not aware of/can’t think of a good way to do this. AppSheet has no built-in way to produce a pop-up that isn’t a response to some user action. AppSheet can produce notifications via workflows/reports/bots, which might be the closest you could get. With extensive, complex app configuration, you could produce a pop-up-like behavior, but it’d be a lot of work.

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It is a pity. We will make it up, we have to. Thanks