Pop up message whenever background sync is completed

I get this pop up message every time my app has synced and updated in the background.

I find it really annoying as it kept popping up when I’m trying to key in entries and I am wondering if there’s a way to disable it. I don’t need this pop up to tell me the app is up-to-date.

Thank you.

Hi @Nicholas_Teh, this is most certainly not supposed to happen. Could you please send a message to support@appsheet.com with the details of your app. We’ll also need your permission to debug your app — you give us this permission via your Account -> Settings page. Sorry that you’re having this aggravating experience.

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Hi, Praveen. Thank you for your reply.

Upon reading your email, I’ve realised it was happening across all my apps on the AppSheet app for Android. It doesn’t happen when I open the apps on Google Chrome browser.

I went ahead and cleared the memory and cache of the AppSheet app on my phone and the problem doesn’t happen anymore.

Thank you for your time. The issue has been resolved and no further assistance is necessary.

I just want to say that this no-code platform is amazing. I have no training in coding but I was able to create my own apps. Thank you, AppSheet team.


Nicholas Teh

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