Pop-Up Text Color in Map View

Hi, all.

Quick question. In the map view, when I click to add a new item or click on a .kml layer, the text that pops up - whether it’s the name of the .kml or the lat,long - is a very faint grey. Is there a way to make that black and/or readable?


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Anyone experience this and know of a fix?

Any thoughts as to whether or not this is a bug and/or what the fix may be?

Please contact Support for help with this.


Done, thanks.

Wasn’t sure if that was everyone else’s experience or not…

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Final reply until support addresses this:

Support (very quickly) responded that the issue arises from using “dark mode” in the app. When I switched over to “light mode,” the pop-up windows appear as they should (black text.)

They are going to look into resolving it, but for now, if anyone stumbles across this thread, that is the workaround.