Pop up window from a value edit

Hi everyone!

Im making an inventory app, I want the app to notificate the user when a product stock is below certain value. I managed to get the product name with a different colour, but I was wondering if there was a way to get a pop up window with a message like “Some of your products are below the limits” and then you chek the sotcks view.
Now I was able to do this:

The products in color red are below a certain value (different for every product).

If anyone have an idea I will appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

No pop-up views. You could simulate this with a view that appears ONLY when there items below the limit. Then, of course that view shows only those items.

To accomplish, create a Slice that identifies low-stock Inventory items. Create view on that slice and update the “Show If” property with an expression:

COUNT(Slice Name[Inventory ID]) > 0

I would set this view on the Main view bar (the one at the bottom) and maybe even assign it with a “Caution”/“Warning” icon to make it stand out.


Hey, thanks for the answer! Thats a good idea, I will try it,

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