Populace self-reporting example app


This app has a single form for capturing populace info regarding emergencies (specifically the current pandemic). There are many google forms and google sheets out there in the wild, and this app is another example of that.

We make no assumptions about the data collection process and merely provide this template as-is. Having said that, the results of this data could be merged into other covid apps in this forum topic! E.g. imagine collecting data from your county or region, and then matching that up with data from your hospital app. “How many beds do I have available, as well as how many people reported symptoms in the last 3 days?” Etc…

Again we need to stress that 1) This sample application is not meant to a diagnosis solution, nor does this sample application report directly to any databases or hospitals aside from that of the application owner (me right now, and you if you copy and customize the app) and 2) This application is a sample application that must be copied and authorized by your company or organization to begin use.

Thanks for reading.