Populate a column of Values based on the Key Column

Hey, I have two tables “Samples” & “Sample Return”. The Key column of “Samples” table i.e “Lab Number” is also in “Sample Return” table (although not as a key. I want to create an Enum List in Entry form for “Sample Return” table where I want to show a list of values from Column “Patient Name” of “Samples” table based on the values “Lab Number” Column in “Sample Return” table. It means, I don’t want to show all the patient names, just those patient names whose lab number appears in “Lab Number” column of “Sample Return” table.


Hey, these provides a way to filter based on single value. But I want to compare to a complete column

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. I found the following from the “Yes/No” expressions page.


I want to do something like this but in above case, we are comparing one by one… I am trying to achieve something like the following:

Contains([Fruit],[Some Fruit Names])… (here some fruit names is a column containing fruit names)

I want to do this way because I don’t know what are the values going to be in the [Some Fruite Names] columns…

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