Populate a field based on another table result?


How do you populate a field based on another table result?

In Table1 I have my customer details.

In Table2 I have Installation details with the following – "Is the installation address the same as the customer’s address? – when the answer is “No”, an installation address is added.

When creating an ‘order’ (Table3) I can pull in my customer details (from Table1), but I’m having trouble adding the corresponding installation address (from Table2).

I’ve come at this from a variety of ways, but I’ve not been very successful. Any help is greatly appreciated – as always :slight_smile:

Hi @Lee_Yanez,
Can you tell us how you’re already pulling in the customer details from Table 1, and in particular when that gets triggered?
Do you want to update Table 3 with the installation address from Table 2 at the same time?

Hi Arthur,

Thank you for your reply.

‘Ref’ Type - Table3 references Table1 - The input of the customer reference number (Ref) in Table3 automatically completes the rest of the customer records Name - address - phone etc etc.

I’d like the installation address from Table2 to autofill at the same point. All details autofill on entry of customer reference.

Hope that makes sense.

BTW Table2 also holds columns that relate to Table1, such as Customer ID UNIQUEID(), Customer reference and name.

It’s ok, I’ve found a solution.

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