Populate a second table based on form input and reference data

Hi Community,

Good day, I would like to ask assistance on how I can do the function described below.


I have a form where I can input NAME and select a desired COURSE.

Name: Juan dela Cruz
Course: IT

After I save the form, a second table “MySubjects” needs to be populated automatically. I have two reference tables.

CoursesReference - contain the list of courses that can be selected in the form SubjectsReference - contains the subjects that should be assigned to the person depending on the course he chose.

I have attached a screenshot on how I envision the tables.

I believe this kind of function is possible by performing a group of Actions.
I am still new to Appsheet so any help will be greatly appreciated.


You’ll need to create an Automation bot which looks for these new rows being created. Then you’ll need to cerate an action to “execute an action on a set of rows” to look at the CoursesReference table. This will then call an “add a new row to another table using data from this table” action to create the rows.

To make it easier, I’d strongly suggest merging the CoursesReference and SubjectsReference tables.

I don’t think you’ll need to MySubjects table at all if your users are going to have a login. You can just create a slice using UserEmail()


Hi @1minManager ,

I am already able to select the data which I need to write on the second table but I cannot formulate the action to write the result.

This is the action I have

This is the result of the action

You need another action of type = “execute an action on a set of rows” The action above would then call this new action

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Thanks @Steve,

I was able to achieve the workflow from this FAQ.

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