Populate data to database from custom Custom google mymap polygons

Hey Community I have a tough one.

I have maps made using “Google My maps” they are just maps with Polygonal geo fences drawn on them. Each of said geofence has a Label.

2 things I want to be able to do.

  1. (Goal) Automate recording which zone an address falls in, whenever used. This data of which zone will be updated in a spreadsheet.
  2. (Bonus) Use said map as the view whenever maps are used in my related app(s)

I’ve made a test map that here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cWUs71QI2Zg8HMURbVRTFADh-dJplBen&usp=sharing

3 zones split between 2 layers.

This is a challenge that I’ve had for some time now. And is my first important goal with starting my project in appsheet.

I do have app where I generate the KML file on google my map and placed that file onto Appsheet.
See below, fyg.

For the moment, there is no function, expression nor feature available on Appsheet to do “intersect” the map location. What I mean is when we select single point of geocode, like cordinates or postal address, the appsheet have no idea if this single point is inside/outside the polygon the user separately generated.
On programming, it is possible to do kinda of true/false if the point is inside/outside the polygon.

But you could have workaround. Then you add the data to capture the location (address in your case), your row should have fields for the name of polygon.

And then you create another table, which is simple table as polygon master where you have ID and name of polygon + center point as latlong.

Basically my app is made in that way.

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hello, semi-related but a coworker recently posted a solution which may help you, @Malkio

Here is his post:

I really want this feature, displaying polygons on the map.
is there a tutorial?

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nothing appear

This is all very interesting, thank you!
Is there also a way to calculate if a pin falls inside or outside the uploaded tracks or boundaries of the uploaded .kml ? aka “Optional Url for KML File”.