Populate field in child table from parent table

The images table is a child of the delineatedLocations table.

When someone uploads a picture to the images table, I would like the Name, Driver, and Route fields to be populated with values from the delineatedLocations table that correspond to that location.

How do I do this?

Thank you

How your images table connected to delineatedLocations table? If it’s a reverse ref, you can create a Virtual Column with REF type to your delineatedLocations table and you can then you can de-ref the column values from parent. If it’s not reverse ref, than you can simply de-ref the values.

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Okay so what you’re saying is that I create a virtual column in images with this formula:

And then how do I “de-ref the column values from parent?”


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Thank you LeventK. I tried what you suggested but I don’t know why it’s not working. I even tried looking at the sample app.