Position of the Primary Views at the bottom bar

We can choose 5 Positions for the Primary Views:

  1. left most
  2. left
  3. center
  4. right
  5. right most

In fact we can add more than 5 views at the bottom bar.
In Mobile 6 are possible.
In Browser even more
To control the order of “left most 1” and “left most 2” it’s not enough to just rename it. If you want “left most 2” in the first position, you can’t just rename it to “left most 1”.
What you have to do is copy “left most 1” and delete the original “left most 1”.
Then the order will be:
It seems to be ordered by the time the views are created.


Yes this is correct.


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You are all way ahead of me. I just noticed:

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For the benefit of anyone who happens to find this thread (and, of course, all who have contributed thus far):

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