Possibility of multiple group agregate in inline view


I am building an app to follow expenses (hours, materials etc…) on work site. I would like to get the “hours” related to a job site agregate by sum in € as well as sum in hours. So 2 group agregate related to 2 columns. Is there any way to make it ?

I’m afraid you can agregate only with one group at this moment

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You can agregate with only one column as @Aleksi said, but you can create a Virtual Column with some CONCATENATE expression and create your own grouping which can show any info you want.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried something with concatenate expression but it fails as I need a kind of calculation (sum) of values of each column. I don’t see what interesting I could get by grouping concatenated results.

Another idea but still failing. “Work site” detail view show me hours in € (using the agregate SUM on amount of worksite related “Hours”). Then could I create an action using LINKTOFILTERVIEW expression, navigating to another view showing “Hours”, grouped by “Work site” and using agragate SUM on quantities, but showing ONLY hours of the specified “Work site” ?



Detail UX does not show an agregate actually. Can it be a Table UX instead?

Maybe my words are not properly choosen. I join a photo. I am on “Worksite” page. I see the sum in € of different related elements and that is fine. I would like to go to another view where I could see a list of “Hours” (which are “worksite” related elements). But I would like to see only ones related to the “Worksite” I come from and grouped by “Worksite” (in order to get à SUM by quantity).



[1] Create a REF type Table UX for that related table where your “Hours” info are
[2] Name this view as you like i.e. Worksite_Hours_ref
[3] For the column order, select only the columns you would like to view in that table view
[4] Group that table as per Worksite and select an agregate reflecting the Hour Sum

[1] Create an action associated with your Worksite page
[2] Name this action as you like i.e. Worksite Hours
[3] Select Data: go to another view within this app
[4] Set the target as:

	[Worksite ID]=[_THISROW].[Worksite ID] //or any criteria you would like to filter the table


This option will show your “Related Hours” in an inline view in your Worksites Detail View

[1] Create a Virtual Column in your Worksites table
[2] Set an AppFormula:

	[Worksite ID]=[_THISROW].[Worksite ID] //or any criteria you would like to filter the table

[3] Create a REF type Table UX for the “Hours” table
[4] Choose the column order for the columns you want to view in inline view
[5] Group the table as per Worksite and choose agregate over “Hours” column

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Thanks a lot for your advice. Got it with Option A :wink:

You’re welcome