Possibily for user to set the columns width

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For more than 4 years now, my users are requesting the ability to change the column width in table view by themselves. On browser at least, it would be already a great step.
In AS platform, Column width set to WIDE is not enough. Most of the time the text is not showed completely.

I keep telling my users that AppSheet will probably develop something for that (like AppSheet always does) but now they don’t listen to me anymore and they dislike my Apps because of that detail :pleading_face:

Thanks for developing that

Hey Julien, a tip I have found until this feature might be available is to go into the editor and make any change and then click save but click the down arrow next to it and select “Save and verify data” it will analyze the values in the columns and probably help the column go a bit wider.

This has worked for me, if the column is too wide it will shrink and if too narrow it will widen it.

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I agree with the need for this especially cause some times you dont want to see the whole column and some times you do.


Also I just found this so it looks like this feature is in the works


Nice! Thanks Ethan!

Thanks for the tip.
That doesn’t seem to work when you use Partition. The width does not adapt since the data verification does not check each partition content (I have 200 partitions). This is my guess of course but the result is that the width of column is often not adapting.

Oh ok good to know then. Well hope that feature rolls out soon for you