Possible bug, in chart view

(Alper) #1

I have a sheet1 containing data within A:H range. The G column contains dates.

Another sheet4, contains the following formula in A2:

=FILTER(Sheet1!A:H, Sheet1!G:G = sheet1_frm!$E$2)

And in sheet1_frm!$E$2 cell, theres a date criteria to filter out sheet1 rows based on availability of that specific date, within sheet1!G:G

Then, a view draws a stacked column graph of sheet4.

I have manually deleted the existing input in sheet1_frm!e2 and sheet4 is now empty (except key field from sheet1 containing manually entered continuous numeric values, goes to 10thousands, sheet4 now shows key numbers starting from 276 [there are data between A:H, in sheet1, until 275]).

Now, when I click on view to draw sheet4 values, in android (android7.1), the app locks and get killed, returns to android main screen. On PC, the whole tab containing side-preview, locks and becomes unresponsive (chrome, windows10). Is this an expected behaviour?