Possible bug: Take-Action report option missing

I have a Property Management app where the Take Action option is available, enabling an action to be trigged according to a schedule. See screen shot below.

Property Management application.

However, in my Expense application the option does not appear. See 2nd screenshot below.

Expense Application

Is there a possible reason for this discrepancy?

Note the difference…

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Many thanks @Steve: eek I would not have spotted that in a month of Sundays. It does pose a problem. In the property app, I do want to send separate emails to companies. Hence ForEachRowInTable

In the expense app: the aim is to export all the expenses (for this month) in a single CSV formatted file (hence ForEntireTable) then tag each expense record, to note it has been exported.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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The best I can come up with is two reports: one ForEntireTable that generates the report, and a second ForEachRowInTable that’s scheduled after the first that updates the appropriate rows.

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Hi @Steve

I agree that appears to be the only solution in this scenario. Are there any plans to be able to link actions together based on the outcome of the first action being successful?

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Not that I’m aware of.

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