Possible bug - virtual column not displaying all records

A possible bug where a virtual column reports the correct number of records but doesn’t display all records. I have a virtual column called Pattern Results that is looking for products that have a specific Taxonomy code.

So to look for a taxonomy code ‘like’ the following pattern: “YFSC”, I use the expression below since there isn’t a ‘like’ function. The expression is as follows:

LEFT([TaxonomyCode], LEN([_THISROW].[Pattern])) =

The App correctly reports there are 19 matching products that have a similar taxonomy code, but it only displays 17 in the table. The products NEXO and Tiberius are missing. See screen grab below.

This can be verified by running a query against the database. See screen grab below:

The ProductUUID must be valid for the missing products, otherwise they would not work in the database query and would be missing from the query results. In addition, there is no validation restrictions on the virtual column, to possibly filter out the missing products. See screenshot below:

The virtual column select statement appears to work in returning 19 records. Is this a possible bug?

Missing comma.



Wow, :thinking: surprised it ran in the first place, with the missing “,” comma. The two missing records have now appeared. It’s easy to see how even in a ‘no-code’ environment these little errors can catch you out. :roll_eyes:

Many thanks.

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