Possible error in online documentation

I believe there may be a documentation error.

on page:

Under Heading:
" Preventing Duplicate Field Values"
NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Customers[State], NOT(IN([CustomerId], LIST([_THISROW].[CustomerId]))))))

I could not get the above to work. In fact when I tried to hit SAVE, it looked like it was synching but did not actually save anything and the SAVE button remained blue. No errors or warning. This problem is mentioned in the community as sometimes occuring.

I managed to get the desired result by the below code…which is also shorter, so even better!
NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Customers[State],TRUE)))

Hi @shilton, I have just test it and actually the sample expression is working. The expression allows to exclude the current row from the list of rows having duplicate column values during update of any other columns of that rows, without reporting it as a duplicate column value.


will not allow for edit any other column of that record, say if you want to edit customer name to make it complete, or something like that.

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There seem to be problems with saving at the moment. The documentation is fine.

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Thank you for the feedback. I cannot seem to get the example doco to work. I will try again. As pointed out my sample code works first time, but not the second time into that record - - thank you. I will see if I can blend the example code in the online doco and what I have done.

Not sure what was happening on Friday. Doco example code works and saving not an issue. Thank you for your feedback.


That’s great.

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