Possible Microsoft Authentication Outage

Had 2 separate clients on 2 different Apps, different parts of the country. Both logged out of Appsheet in last hour, not can’t log back in because Microsoft is not accepting their password.

Anyone else has the same?

Another weird thing its doing is sometimes when one of them types in their O365 email, it opens the page to ask for the email again, then immediately jumps to trying to login with a Gmail account :frowning:


I am facing the same problem.

Did you get any answer from the support team of Appsheet ?

No. Firstly just check you can login to O365 normally via a browser

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Hi Djamil,
I"m checking further but we haven’t seen or heard of report of outage today. Usually a first step is to check here: https://downdetector.com/status/office-365/map/
Simon’s suggestion is a great one to confirm whether there is a larger O365 auth issue in play…

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@Djamil Hi Djamil, there are a few ongoing issues in Microsoft services right now, which might be causing the problem you’re having. One quick way to verify whether the issue originates in AppSheet or Microsoft is to simply log directly into Microsoft instead of via AppSheet. If you encounter the same error when attempting to log directly into your Microsoft account, the problem is most likely in Microsoft. You can check for more updates about ongoing issues in Microsoft here:


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Actually my problem is the following :slight_smile:

We are trying to create accounts with Microsoft corporate emails but after it always gets out and comes back to the first page with “Google, Microsoft, Dropbox” with a small message in the top “interaction_required” .

But what I don’t understand is that I have created an accout with my account few months ago and I can login without any issue.

It is solved. It’s a corporate restriction.

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