Possible to bypass AppSheet installation on phone and use web browser?

We’re distributing the web browser link for an AppSheet app to users for testing but when they click on it the system takes them to the AppSheet installation which seems clunky and causes confusion. I know we can white label which is a simple process with Google but can take months with Apple. Is there another way to distribute the link and have it just run on the web?

Sounds like you aren’t actually distributing the browser link?

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Based on my experiences it happens even we distribute the proper links. It is bit buggy for a long time.

Hi Steve, it seems the only difference is “start” vs. “newshortcut”. So you’re saying the browser link should take you straight to the browser and not attempt to install the app? I’ll double check it now…

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That would be my expectation, but I can’t speak from experience.

It’s possible that if the AppSheet app is installed on the device, it intercepts appsheet.com URLs and attempts to open them as apps, preventing the browser from handling them. In which case, there’s no easy way to avoid the behavior you’re seeing.