Possible to copy apps between accounts? I fe...

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Possible to copy apps between accounts?

I feel this has been asked/answered somewhere but I haven’t been able to find the question/answer so my apologies in advance. @Tammi_Canelli seemed to be asking the question but I’m not sure it was answered fully, or perhaps my situation is different to hers…

I created my first app, creating my AppSheet account with a SmartSheet login. However I now find it will be best for my users to use an Office365 login instead as they all have Office365 accounts (if I want them to all use SmartSheet authentication I’d need to purchase 50 SmartSheet user accounts).

So, my problem is that when I share my app with users it only gives them the option to log in via a SmartSheet account. Do I need to recreate my app based on a new AppSheet account logging in with Office365 and share that with my users? And if that is so, is it possible to copy my app from one account to another - i.e. from my AppSheet account linked to SmartSheet to my AppSheet account linked to Office365?

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@Grant_Stead Bingo! Thanks for your help. In looking for the option to “allow other logins” I found the option to select the authentication provider for the app - I simply changed that to Office365 and “Bam” to quote you :slight_smile: it worked. For anyone following on, the option is in the Security section on the Require Sign-In tab.

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Pricing If you’re attempting to be in the standard plan then you can only have one data source. (You can get around that by having multiple accounts and multiple apps for each source.)

In the whole you should simply "allow other logins"you don’t need to change accounts it anything. You just put the login email into the white list, and Bam.